• No account setup
  • No additional bill to pay
  • No credit card needed
  • No extra charges

It really is as simple as dialling a number!

Justcall has been fantastic for my long-distance calls, and it’s so easy to use! Always a pleasure.”

Alistair Winters

Cheap International Calls

Make cheap international calls from anywhere in the UK with JustCall. Our service is designed to provide JustCall customers with the power to contact friends and family around the world easily and affordably. Our cheap calls solutions are easy to use and feature a choice of literally hundreds of international access numbers from around the world. 

To start making cheap international calls, simply choose the country you wish to call from our drop-down list and follow the on-screen instructions.

How does it work?

  1. Dial our access code
  2. Dial 00, country code & your number
  3. You’re connected!


  • NO account to open
  • NO extra bill to pay
  • NO credit card needed
  • NO extra charges

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At JustCall, we know how important it is to talk - whether it be to our families, friends or business partners. That’s why we’re committed to providing cheap international calls from the UK, allowing our customers to talk for longer.

If you have any questions regarding the JustCall service, our helpful FAQ can guide you through all of our most common queries. And if you still have a question, you can call our customer service department on 0333 321 8708 between 9AM and 6PM, or email us on help@justcall.co.uk.

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