Celebrate Ramadan with Cheap International Calls from JustCall

Posted on Thu 19 Jun, 2014, by JustCall Team


Summer is finally here and it's time for one of the largest religious observances in the world, the festival of Ramadan. This year Ramadan runs from Sunday 28th of June – Sunday 27th of July and will be observed by millions of Muslims around the world from the Middle East, the UK and beyond. A time for spiritual reflection, during this month all Muslims are obligated to fast during the day and try to live their lives according to Islamic ideals, and is a time when many donate to charity or feed the poor. 

However, this festival also has a strong social element. The breaking of the fast, with a meal called the “Iftar”, is usually consumed with family, friends and sometimes even the wider local community in large dining halls. Beginning with dates and water, this traditional meal is often a celebratory event and will be eaten surrounded by vibrant paper lanterns. Many children look forward to the special Ramadan dishes prepared only during this month. 

Get involved in the festival no matter where you are in the world and celebrate with your loved ones or friends during Ramadan in 2014. With cheap international calls from JustCall, you can share in the community feel of the “Iftar” meal as if you were right next to your family. Call your family and friends next Sunday and wish them Ramadan Mubarak with JustCall, and take part in this month of religious celebration.

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