Easter celebrations from across Europe

Posted on Wed 01 Apr, 2015, by JustCall Team

Crucifix & Shells

Flickr. Crucifix & Shells, Luc De Leeuw. CC BY NC 2.0

Happy Easter!

At JustCall, we love to hear about unique festivals and celebrations around the world, and with Easter fast approaching, we’re taking a look at some of our favourite festivities taking place across Europe over this festive period. 

What is Easter?

Easter is a Christian holy festival that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion by the Romans at Golgotha. The core of the celebrations take place over Easter Weekend, running from Maundy Thursday (marking the Last Supper) and Good Friday (the day of the crucifixion) through to Easter Sunday, the day Christ is believed to have returned from the dead. Easter and its related days are moveable feasts and can fall on any day between March 22nd and April 25th. 

Across the world, people choose to commemorate the most important feast in the Christian calendar in wonderful and unique ways, including…

An underground procession in Poland


Flickr. Wieliczka Salt Mine St. Kinga's Chapel Chandelier, jhadow. CC BY NC 2.0

If you’re in Poland over the Easter period, be sure to check out the amazing procession at the Wieliczka Salt Mine, taking place on Good Friday. Known as the Underground Way of the Holy Cross, the procession marches through a huge mine and arrives in a 318ft underground chapel containing a salt monument to Pope John Paul II. A site with UNESCO World Heritage status and located not far from the beautiful city of Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is definitely worth a visit.

A spooky Spanish dance


Flickr. Verges: Dansa de la mort 2009 093, dantzan. CC BY NC 2.0

Originating in Catalonia, the Danza de la Muerte (Dance of Death) can be traced back to medieval times. Performers often cloak themselves in dark robes or skeleton outfits to perform this spooky dance that symbolises the moment when souls are condemned to heaven or hell. This dance has become an important part of many Easter celebrations across the country, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for dancing skeletons if you’re in Spain over this holiest of weekends.

An unbelievable omelette in the south of France


Flickr. Omelett, Christian Kadluba. CC BY NC 2.0

Forget your chocolate Easter eggs, in south-western France they have an Easter omelette that’s beyond belief! On Easter Monday, the chefs of the city of Haux head out into the streets to whip up an omelette that can feed a thousand people. The tradition itself is a recent invention, but the story is believed to stretch back to the reign of Napoleon, who allegedly demanded a gargantuan egg dish be prepared for his troops as they marched through the countryside. The modern omelette has been known to reach up to 10 feet in diameter and contains bacon, onions and a lot of garlic, so be sure to avoid smelling anyone’s breath!

Cheese rolling in Italy


Flickr. Cheeses, Tavallai. CC BY NC 2.0

While many children in the UK roll eggs down a hill to celebrate Easter, the people of the town of Panicale in central Italy roll wheels of cheese! The game - called Ruzzolone - involves getting your wheel of cheese around the village walls in the fewest possible attempts. The town is extremely hilly though, and there are lots of obstacles, so it’s not easy. The winner gets to keep the cheese (although we’re not sure if we would like a cheese that’s been rolled around town), and we know we’d love to one day take part in this unique Easter event!

As we’ve said, Easter is the most important feast in the Christian calendar, and many people visit their family for the duration of the holiday. If you’re living away from your family and won’t get back, why not make cheap international calls with JustCall and keep in touch this holiday? 

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