Lady Gaga rumoured to be releasing “Telephone” sequel

Posted on Fri 26 Oct, 2012, by JustCall Team

gaga twitter

A recent Twitter discussion saw Lady Gaga revealing a fair few facts and rumours about her upcoming plans. With the new album, “ARTPOP” scheduled for release in 2013, fans are hungry for news.

The songstress quickly confirmed she will be releasing her next single in 2013.

This sparked @drunky_gaga, a particularly keen fan to ask the lady of pop whether we could expect a follow up to “Telephone”, her popular 2010 collaboration with Beyonce: "I heard the continuation of telephone will be on ARTPOP! fact or fake?” To this, Lady Gaga responded with a short and simple “Fact”.

It is unknown whether Beyonce will be involved in the sequel. Her rep told MTV News on Wednesday that they had “no info”.

In other news, Lady Gaga confirmed she has once again been working alongside producers RedOne, Zedd, DJ White Shadow and Fernando Garibay.

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