Mother Creates App to Prevent Children Ignoring Calls

Posted on Wed 20 Aug, 2014, by JustCall Team

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Exasperated Texan mother Sharon Standifird decided enough was enough when her son repeatedly failed to respond to her calls. Instead of getting mad, the mother of two decided to channel the frustration into developing a smartphone app. 

The app called “Ignore No More”, literally locks the child's phone until they either respond or call back to receive the pass code. The parent can also set a list of trusted contacts that can be called in order to gain the code as well.

The only other function permitted during this “lock down” is to make emergency calls, ensuring that if the child wants to keep texting their friends or checking their Facebook, they have to make sure and speak to their mother first!

Standifird said that she entered the world of app development cold, and had no background in the industry whatsoever. After consulting with professional developers over the period of a few months, the Android app was released to grateful parents and apprehensive children alike. It is available for android phones for $1.99.

While teens whose phone privileges might be at risk may have mixed feelings about the product, it is sure to go down a storm with frustrated and worried parents. One way to make sure you keep your mother happy is to use JustCall to keep in touch with her no matter where she is, because you're never to old to get in trouble for not answering your phone!

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