New Bluetooth Padlock That Uses Your Smartphone as the Key

Posted on Mon 25 Aug, 2014, by JustCall Team

bluetooth padlock

A new invention called Noke (pronounced “no key”) is primed to give phone security an entirely new meaning. The product developed by FŪZ Designs, is a padlock that is locked and unlocked via your mobile phone's bluetooth connection.

No more fumbling with keys, or forgetting combinations. Noke is set to offer an easy to use, keyless way to secure bikes, gates, or attics. The companion app for both Android and iOS also provides other users shared access to the lock with out the hassle of having to get keys cut. The lock is designed with a replaceable standard watch battery that offers up to a year of power. It is also water resistant so can be safely used outdoors. 

At least, these are the aims of the item's creators who have been raising money via a Kickstarter campaign to fund the new idea. Having already tasted success with the universal smartphone charger EverDock, the designers are optimistic that this new idea will take off. Because after all, you always have your phone on you, don't you?

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