Police reveal ridiculous 999 calls

Posted on Fri 04 Jan, 2013, by JustCall Team

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Towards the end of 2012, various police forces from throughout the UK revealed some of the most ridiculous 999 calls they had received over the course of the year.

The sad truth is that calls like this could be endangering lives as operators cannot respond to genuine emergency calls on time. So, if you are considering phoning the police in a non-emergency situation, refrain!

A man complained to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) that the staff at his local takeaway had put mushrooms on his pizza against his wishes.

Police in North Wales had to deal with a father phoning to say his 14-year-old son was refusing to go to bed at midnight as he was too busy playing on his games console.

One man decided it was appropriate to phone 999 when he had run out of toilet paper in his home.

Another caller rang up GMP to find out the opening times of a pharmacy.

A woman felt inclined to phone the police when she failed to get through to Strictly Come Dancing to place her vote in the final.

What will seem like an amusing tale to many is that of a priest who dialled 999 from Manchester Airport where the staff at WHSmith refused to let him use their bathroom.

A keen job seeker requested the police type his CV for him.

Seasonal prank calls included one man phoning to say Santa and Rudolf were breaking into his house.

The public was reminded that a non-emergency number is now in operation. For general inquiries and complaints of a less urgent nature, dial 101.

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