Sheriff embarrassed as phone plays Guns N' Roses in court

Posted on Fri 29 Jun, 2012, by JustCall Team

sheriff embarrassed

There is a reason why certain venues such as cinemas and court houses request visitors to switch their phones to silent: it's distracting. It's bad enough when an audience member forgets to adhere to the rules, but when it's an authority, people are outraged, and even the media react.

Sheriff Craig McSherry's embarrassing incident took place last week at Dunfermline Court, where he was attending to a drugs case. His phone began to ring during court proceedings. To make matters even worse, his ringtone of choice is Guns N' Roses legendary tune “Sweet Child O' Mine”.

The Daily Record reports: “Muted sniggers could be heard from the public benches as lawyers in the Dunfermline court exchanged smiles.”

You could argue sniggers are better than scornful remarks... This particular court has signs placed on all doors to advise people to mute their phones. Mobiles are banned in all courts throughout Scotland while they are in session.

Always make sure to place your cheap calls where it's permitted.

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