US Man Arrested for Calling 911 Five Times to Report a Broken iPhone

Posted on Thu 24 Nov, 2011, by JustCall Team

Broken Phone

Earlier this month, an Illinois man was arrested in the early hours of the morning after dialling 911 five times in one evening to complain that his iPhone had stopped working suddenly.

The man, named as Michael Alan Skopec, 48 called the police from his home in Kendall County, Illinois, to vent his frustration about the lack of service from his device, which resulted in the local Sheriff arriving at Skopec's home at 1am to investigate the calls. But what started as a simple case of disorderly conduct soon escalated into Skopec's arrest for obstructing and resisting a police officer, an offence which is classed as a misdemeanor in the US. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Skopec was found to be extremely intoxicated by the time the police had arrived. He has since been released and is due to appear in court on the 18th of November this year.

While Skopec's persistence in reporting the problems with is Apple product should be commended, perhaps Apple technical support would have been the better number to call, as the police were unclear about what he wanted them to do with his phone, and he would have not only got his phone fixed, but he also would have saved himself the indignity and the embarrassment at being arrested for calling the police.

However, if you are experiencing problems with your mobile phone, or your landline, then, as Skopec's case shows, the best thing to do is get in touch with your service provider, and report the fault, as calling the police or any other emergency service when you don't actually have an emergency to report could lead to worse problems than a broken phone.  

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