Bamboo smartphone to go on sale in 2012

Eco-friendly smartphones designed by a young British talent are set to hit the UK market in 2012. The phones, deemed ADzero, are made of a specially treated strand of four year old organic bamboo. Inner components are also built from sustainable materials where possible.

Bamboo is praised for its flexibility and durability that make it perfect for a mobile phone casing. The chic-looking phone is light and boasts a larger screen than the Apple iPhone. It runs on Google's Android operating system. One of its prized features is the inbuilt camera's 'ring flash' that provides more even lighting, making ADzero the first phone to use this technology.

Kieron-Scott Woodhouse is a 23-year-old product design student at Middlesex University. He began designing the smartphone in his spare time out of sheer boredom with the similar-looking phones being churned out by most brands currently on the market. After posting his ideas online, Woodhouse was approached by an investor and together the pair launched the company now producing ADzero.

The young designer currently combines his studies with working on branding and his company's website. He admits this is a challenge, but his course and the project 'complement each other well'.

His creation, originally intended for the Chinese market, received a warm welcome at British design fairs and will be going on sale locally later this year at 'design aware' retailers throughout the UK. Expansion to foreign markets will follow.

The launch of ADzero sparks an exciting time for mobile phone producers hoping to further explore environmentally-friendly design opportunities.

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