Delhi government spearheads mobile phone radiation tag scheme

Growing concerns are arising in India over mobile phone safety. Any phone bought in Delhi will soon come complete with information regarding its level of radiation. The proposed emission tag, being discussed by the local government, representatives of the state health department and World Health Organisation (WHO) among others, is intended to warn consumers of the potentially harmful effects mobile phones can have on human health.

Officials hope the tag will empower consumers to make educated decisions on what handset to choose. The plan comes after studies revealed alarming links between mobile phones, mobile phone masts, and cancer and other health issues. Local residents have also expressed complaints about the increasing presence of masts in the city.

Reports say there are now over 5000 towers spread throughout Delhi city, some of which have not been awarded official planning permission. Complaints have focused on noise pollution caused by generators used to power the devices, and the high levels of radiation many believe the masts emit.

“We don’t have any mechanism to keep a check on these cell towers and ensure that no harm is being done to the people. We will work towards that,” state minister for health, Dr A.K. Walia said on the matter. “Once we are better informed and ready with the guidelines – we will advertise it widely for the best interests of the people in Delhi.”

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