Fear of being parted with mobile phone

66 percent of people fear being separated from their mobile phone, reveals a new survey by Lookout, a mobile security app maker. The fear goes by the name Nomophobia, a play on words for “no mobile phone”.

Lookout's study considered people's use of mobiles in situations such as meal time, bed time, and even prayer time at their house of worship.

Almost 60 percent of respondents admitted to checking their phones at least once an hour. 54 percent check their phones while lying in bed, but only 9 percent confessed to checking their phones during church services.

A total of 73 percent of survey participants feel panic when they misplace their phones and 7 percent feel physically ill. Only 6 percent are not affected by Nomophobia and actually report feeling relieved to be phone-less.

Never turning off your phone, constantly checking for texts and missed calls are common warning signs of Nomophobia.

Using your phone to make occasional cheap calls with JustCall is not a clear sign of nomophobia.

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