Getaway vehicle hoisted on telephone pole to teach thieves lesson

On Monday, two banana thieves were taught their lesson by a group of villagers in rural Malaysia. 

Caught cutting bananas from the trees of a local farm, the two robbers fled the area, leaving behind their getaway vehicle and the stolen fruit.

The angered residents of Kampung Kesom Che Nordin successfully hoisted the motorbike and a load of bananas to the top of a nearby telephone pole to ward the thieves and other trespassers away from their farms.

One of the villagers, a Mr Deraman told The Star newspaper the men had been brandishing knives and so it was unsafe to chase them.
Local police removed the bike and the bananas from the telephone pole the next day.

It is not uncommon for police forces worldwide to have to remove people who have been either taped or tied to telephone poles for a laugh, as a punishment or as a threat.

Often, this “prank” is carried out during stag dos when both the culprits and the victim have been under the influence of alcohol. Have you ever been attached to a pole?

Telephone poles are also regularly implicated in car crashes. Many of these occur due to drunk driving, however, others happen because of low visibility, icy roads or illness.

Why not tweet us if you know of any other stories in which telephone poles have played their part?

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