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Holi Festival 2015

Did you celebrate this year’s Holi Festival?  

Held in 2015 on the 6th of March, Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival that celebrates the triumph of life and happiness, or traditionally, of spring over winter. It’s held around the full moon in the traditional Hindi month of Phagwah (usually March), which is why it’s usually referred to as a springtime festival, similar to Beltane and other ancient religious celebrations. 

The interesting thing about Holi is that it’s been increasingly popular not only in India but with Hindu communities worldwide, and especially in the UK and US where there are large populations of Hindi people. It’s even becoming more popular outwith Hindu culture, as people worldwide recognise it as a great way to have some good fun with friends, family and strangers alike. 

Its popular name is the “Festival of Colour”, and it’s easy to see why; most Holi celebrations involve covering the streets (and everyone in them!) with perfumed, brightly coloured powder and water. That makes for some great pictures, and so we’ve found the best pictures from this year’s Holi 2015 Festival for you to enjoy:  

As you can see, Holi is a bright, colourful and most importantly, fun celebration where people come together from all backgrounds (including from different castes and upbringings) to celebrate the coming of spring. Also known as the Festival of Love, Holi is an important time for Hindus to repair any broken relationships or keep in touch with those they don’t see very often. 

Have you got relatives in India, or want to reaffirm your friendships after Holi? Why not make cheap calls to India with JustCall, and let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. After all, next year you might be covering each other in paint and powder, so it’s important to let them know you love them first!

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