Innovative safety app receives acclaim from Crimestoppers

An innovative new mobile safety app has been endorsed by Crimestoppers. PanicGuard, created by Danish entrepreneur Mikkel Dissing, is available for use on iPhone and Android mobile devices. The app is activated when users shake their smartphones.

PanicGuard tracks a user’s location, records video and audio and sends alerts to the user’s emergency contacts. If shaken again, the app emits a shrill alarm sound and activates the flash on the handset. To deactivate it, the user needs to enter a security code.

Dave Cording, deputy chief executive of Crimestoppers, welcomed the app: “As a charity our aim is to make communities feel safer by identifying those responsible for crimes through information given to us anonymously by the public. We believe that this app compliments this objective by detecting and deterring crime.”

Currently on the market for £3.99 per month, Dissing explains that this fee is in place to cover the costs of ensuring any data is uploaded and saved on the company’s servers. This is done to avoid attackers deleting or otherwise destroying evidence collected against them.

Another feature of PanicGuard is its “stealth mode” that lets users activate it without alerting the attacker. Its creator hopes it will help victims, such as those being abused by partners.

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