Mobile phone app users concerned about privacy

A considerable amount of mobile phone app users in the USA have refrained from downloading an app or deleted an existing one upon discovering how much personal data it collects, reports a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Fifty-four per cent of those surveyed revealed they had decided not to install an app over privacy concerns. Thirty per cent of app users admitted to having uninstalled an app.

Smartphone users were reported to be more protective of their private data and more vigilant about the applications it is shared with. Half of them cleared their browser history, and they are approximately a third more likely to switch off location-tracking apps in comparison to standard mobile users.

Other findings included that men were more likely than women to delete an app because of privacy concerns, that 41 per cent said they backed up their phone data, and those who had had their phone stolen or lost in the past were more likely to back up data.

Over 2,500 US mobile phone users participated in the survey that took place in March and April. 88 per cent of respondents were mobile phone users, and 43 per cent of those had downloaded apps.

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