New phone to be sold without charger

In the quest for more environmentally friendly technology, O2 have teamed up with HTC to sell a new smartphone without providing a charger to cut down on waste.

The decision is backed by research that suggests there could be over 100 million unused chargers lying around in UK households alone.

Claims by network operator O2 say this is enough to fill four Olympic swimming pools worth of landfill space with 124,274 miles of copper wire and plastic covering, and 18,700 tons of components. The company also estimates 70 per cent of buyers already have a compatible charger for one of the 30 million handsets sold annually.

The new, unnamed phone will feature a micro-USB charging slot, and will come complete with a micro-USB to USB cable. Customers will be able to buy a charger at an extra cost.

Three years ago, a group of 10 phone makers including Nokia, Samsung and Apple united in an agreement to design a universal micro-USB-based charger that remains as yet undelivered.

In future, 02 hope to apply the new system to other phone models, and to encourage other industry players to follow suit.

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